In the Deep Midwinter

It is all in how one perceives it. I no longer see bleakness in winter. I see ethereal beauty, deepness, snow on snow on snow, monotone restfulness, a quiet background that allows spots of color to pop, shine and glow. I see a chinese ink painting of mountains, hills, and streams, mist and snow, with a lone traveler bundled in a warm coat, walking on the path, carrying a bundle of wood, toward a warm and cozy sheltered cabin. I see cold, shimmering stars. I see glittery sparkling fresh blankets of snow. I feel brisk, invigorated and alive.

November 27, 2018

Wonderful Winter

I feel blessed. I live in a beautiful place on this beautiful earth, and there is a place that has always felt special, powerful, and beautiful to me about half a mile up the road that I can walk to. I hope to go up there again soon on one of these fine early winter days when the sky is all grey and gloriously cloudy, maybe with the sun splitting through the dramatic clouds at times, or not. There is nothing quite like being in a place on this earth that you love, that is nearby, that just seems to grab and hold and transfix you every time. And I don’t know why this place does this for me. It is the first place I went walking and realized the value of direct tangible experience, that while images and art can be amazingly beautiful, they just do not compare to being there, the whole of the sensory experience.

This is a winter thing for me. In summer, I walk around the garden, and that is wonderful, but in winter I love to roam farther, taking in the cold, fresh air and enjoying the short bursts of running that the invigorating and anti-inflammatory effects of cold and snow allow me to do. The only time I can run is in the snow. And I love it. 

I am always a little puzzled and saddened when others call grey, misty, drizzly foggy, cloudy days dreary and gloomy. I see so much beauty in it. Where there is color on those days, it really pops. No need to stay indoors just because the skies are not blue and sunny. Take some deep breaths, bundle up, get out, and enjoy. The way I see it we can either wallow, or we can do.

Winter is wonderful.

I feel so blessed.